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Albacete is a young town, with a population that scarcely exceed 180,000 people, the most populated province capital of de Castile-La Mancha. Its economy is based on many years of commerce, craftwork and industry. As well as the wine and the cheeses from La Mancha, the knife industry of Albacete is worldly renowned.

It is a modern and participative town, a centre of communications, with the typical infrastructures of a large city.

Albacete has a wide cultural and leisure offer that includes high quality shows, exhibitions and concerts. All the latter in an environment of pleasant and outgoing people that fill its streets, bars and restaurants.

The province of Albacete has a wide range of activities. Both for trekking enthusiasts and gastronomy lovers: The routes of El Quijote, La Manchuela: (Jorquera and Alcalá del Júcar), Los Campos de Hellín and Tobarra, Corredor de Almansa (Chinchilla and the Castle of Almansa), the Sierra de Alcaraz and Campo de Montiel: (Lagunas de Ruidera, Alcaraz), La Mancha del Júcar Centro: (Tarazona de la Mancha) and Sierra del Segura: (Source of Rio Mundo, Ayna, Liétor and Riopar).